iPhone - Sending photos, videos, and more

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Sending photos, videos, and more

With iMessage or MMS, you can send photos, videos, locations, contact info, and voice memos.
Send a photo or video: Tap .

The size limit of attachments is determined by your service provider. iPhone may compress photo
and video attachments, if necessary.

Send a location

In Maps, tap

for a location, tap Share Location (bottom of screen), then

tap Message.

Send contact info

In Contacts, choose a contact, tap Share Contact (bottom of screen), then
tap Message.

Send a voice memo

In Voice Memos, tap , tap the voice memo, tap Share, then tap Message.

Save a photo or video you receive
to your Camera Roll album

Tap the photo or video, then tap



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Copy a photo or video

Touch and hold the attachment, then tap Copy.

Save contact information
you receive

Tap the contact bubble, then tap Create New Contact or “Add to
Existing Contact.”