iPhone - Favorites

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Favorites gives you quick access to your frequently used phone numbers.
Add a contact’s phone number to your favorites list: Tap Contacts, then choose a contact. Tap
“Add to Favorites.” Choose a phone number or email address (for FaceTime calls). On iPhone 4 or
later, choose whether to save as a voice or FaceTime call.

To call a favorite, tap Favorites and choose a contact. If appears next to a name, iPhone makes
a FaceTime call.

Add a contact to favorites from
the recents list

Tap Recents and tap

next to the contact’s name, then tap “Add to


Delete a contact from your

Tap Favorites and tap Edit. Then tap

next to a contact or number and

tap Remove.

Reorder your favorites list

Tap Favorites and tap Edit. Then drag next to a contact to a new place in
the list.