iPhone - Twitter

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Sign in to or create a Twitter account: Go to Settings > Twitter. Enter the user name and
password for an existing account, or tap Create New Account.

In Camera or Photos,

tap the Action button

to tweet a photo.

Tweet a photo.

Tweet a photo, video, or webpage

View the item, tap

, then tap Tweet. If

isn’t showing, tap the screen.

To include your location, tap Add Location. Location Services must be on in
Settings > Location Services.

Tweet a location in Maps

Tap the location pin, tap

, tap Share Location, then tap Tweet.

Add your current location
to a Tweet

Tap . Location Services must be turned on in Settings > Location Services.

Add Twitter user names and
photos to your contacts

Go to Settings > Twitter, then tap Update Contacts.

Turn Twitter on or off for
Photos or Safari

Go to Settings > Twitter.

When you write a Tweet, the number in the lower-right corner of the Tweet screen shows
the number of characters remaining that you can enter. Attachments use some of a Tweet’s
140 characters.

You can also install and use the Twitter app to post a Tweet, view your timeline, search for
trending topics, and more.
Install the Twitter app: Go to Settings > Twitter, then tap Install.

To learn how to use the Twitter app, open the app, tap the More button (…), tap Accounts &
Settings, tap Settings, then tap Manual.


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