iPhone - Customizing the Home screen

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Customizing the Home screen

Rearranging apps

You can customize the layout of app icons on the Home screen—including the apps in the Dock
along the bottom of the screen. If you want, arrange them over multiple Home screens. You can
also organize apps by collecting them in folders.

Rearrange icons:


Touch and hold any app on the Home screen until it begins to jiggle.


Arrange the apps by dragging them.


Press the Home button to save your arrangement.

Move an icon to another screen

While arranging apps, drag an app to the side of the screen.

Create additional Home screens

While arranging apps, flick to the rightmost Home screen, then drag an app
to the right edge of the screen. You can create up to 11 Home screens.

Reset your Home screen to the
default layout

Go to Settings > General > Reset, then tap Reset Home Screen Layout.
Resetting the Home screen removes any folders you’ve created and applies
the default wallpaper to your Home screen.

You can add icons on the Home screen to open your favorite webpages. See “Web clips” on page 74.

When iPhone is physically connected to your computer (with the Dock Connector to USB Cable),
you can customize your Home screens using iTunes. In iTunes, select iPhone in the Devices list,
then click Apps at the top of the screen.

Organizing with folders

Folders let you organize apps on the Home screen. You can put up to 12 apps in a folder. iPhone
names a folder automatically when you create it, based on the category of the apps you use
to create the folder. You can change the name anytime you want. Like apps, folders can be
rearranged by dragging them on the Home screens, or to the Dock.


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Create a folder: Touch an app until the Home screen apps begin to jiggle, then drag the app onto
another app.

iPhone creates a new folder that includes the two apps, and shows the folder’s name. You can tap
the name field and enter a different name.

Tap a folder to open it, then you can tap to open an app inside. To close a folder, tap outside the
folder, or press the Home button .

While arranging apps:

Add an app to a folder

Drag the app onto the folder.

Remove an app from a folder

Tap to open the folder, then drag the app out of the folder.

Delete a folder

Move all apps out of the folder. The folder is deleted automatically.

Rename a folder

Tap to open the folder, then tap the name at the top and use the keyboard
to enter a new name.

When you finish organizing your Home screen, press the Home button to save your changes.

Adding wallpaper

You can set an image or photo as wallpaper for the Lock screen. You can also set wallpaper for
your Home screen. You can choose an image that came with iPhone, a photo from your Camera
Roll or other album on iPhone.

Set wallpaper:


In Settings, choose Wallpaper, tap the image of the Lock and Home screens, then tap Wallpaper or

an album.


Tap to choose an image or photo. If you choose a photo, drag to position it and pinch to zoom in

or out, until it looks the way you want.


Tap Set, then choose whether you want to use the photo as wallpaper for your Lock Screen, Home

screen, or both.


Chapter 3