iPhone - AirPlay

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You can stream music, photos, and video wirelessly to your HDTV using AirPlay and Apple TV. You
can also use AirPlay to stream audio to an Airport Express base station. Other AirPlay-enabled
receivers are available from third-parties. Visit the online Apple Store for details.
Stream content to an AirPlay-enabled device: Start the video, slideshow, or music, then tap and
choose the AirPlay device. Once streaming starts, you can exit the app that’s playing the content.
iPhone and the AirPlay-enabled device must be on the same Wi-Fi network.

Get quick access to the
AirPlay control

When the screen is on, double-click the Home button and scroll to the
left end of the multitasking bar.

Switch output from AirPlay
back to iPhone


and choose iPhone.

On iPhone 4S, you can mirror the iPhone screen on a TV with Apple TV. Everything on the iPhone
screen appears on the TV.
Mirror the iPhone screen on a TV: Tap at the left end of the multitasking bar, choose an
Apple TV, and tap the Mirroring button that appears.

A blue bar appears at the top of the iPhone 4S screen when AirPlay mirroring is turned on.
You can also mirror the iPhone screen on a TV using a cable. See “Watching videos on a TV” on
page 127.