iPhone - Adding and editing contacts

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Adding and editing contacts

Add a contact on iPhone: Tap Contacts and tap . If isn’t visible, make sure you’re not viewing
an LDAP, CalDAV, or GAL contact list.

Delete a contact

In Contacts, choose a contact, than tap Edit. Scroll down and tap
Delete Contact.

Add a contact from the
numeric keypad

Tap Keypad, enter a number, then tap

. Tap Create New Contact or

tap “Add to Existing Contact” and choose a contact.

Enter a soft (two-second) pause
in a number


, then tap Pause. One or more pauses may be required by a phone

system before dialing an extension, for example. Each pause appears as a
comma when the number is saved.

Enter a hard pause in a number


, then tap Wait. A hard pause appears as a semicolon when

the number is saved. When dialing, iPhone pauses when it reaches the
semicolon and waits until you tap Dial to continue.

Add a recent caller’s phone
number to your contacts

Tap Recents and tap

next to the number. Then tap Create New Contact,

or tap “Add to Existing Contact” and choose a contact.

Edit contact information: Choose a contact, then tap Edit.

Add a new field


Add Field.

Add a contact’s Twitter username


Add Field, then tap Twitter.

Change a field label

Tap the label and choose a different one. To add a new label, scroll to the
bottom of the list and tap Add Custom Label.

Change the ringtone or text tone
for the contact

Tap the ringtone or text tone field, then choose a new sound. The default
tone is set in Settings > Sounds.

Delete an item


, then tap Delete.

Assign a photo to a contact

Tap Add Photo, or tap the existing photo. You can take a photo with the
camera or use an existing photo.
To import photos from your contacts’ Twitter profiles, go to Settings >
Twitter. Sign in to your Twitter account, then tap Update Contacts.


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