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Following artists and friends

Use Ping to connect with the world’s most passionate music fans. Follow favorite artists to learn
about new releases and upcoming concerts and tours, get an insider’s perspective through their
photos and videos, and learn about their musical influences. Read friends’ comments about the
music they’re listening to, and see what they’re buying and which concerts they plan to attend.
Express your musical likes and post comments for your own followers as well.

To create and explore musical connections, you first create a profile.
Create your Ping profile: Open the iTunes application on your Mac or PC, click Ping, and follow
the onscreen instructions.

Tap Ping (if Ping isn’t visible, tap More first), then explore Ping. You can do the following:


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Follow an artist

Tap Follow on their profile page.

Follow a friend

When you follow someone, they don’t automatically follow you. In your
profile, you can choose to approve or decline requests to be followed as
they arrive, or simply accept all new followers without review.

Share your thoughts

As you browse albums and songs, tap Post to comment on a piece of music,
or tap Like just to say you like it. Your friends will see your comments in
their Ping Activity feed.

Share concert plans

Tap Concerts on your profile page to see upcoming concerts by the artists
you follow, and to see which of your friends are going to a concert. Tap
Tickets to buy your own ticket, or tap I’m Going to let others know you’ll be
there too. (Not available in all areas.)