iPhone - Installing the SIM card

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Installing the SIM card

If you were given a SIM card to install, install it before setting up iPhone.


A SIM card is required to use cellular services when connecting to GSM networks and

some CDMA networks. An iPhone 4S that has been activated on a CDMA wireless network may
also use a SIM card for connecting to a GSM network, primarily for international roaming. Your
iPhone is subject to your wireless service provider’s policies, which may include restrictions on
switching service providers and roaming, even after conclusion of any required minimum service
contract. Contact your wireless service provider for more details. Availability of cellular capabilities
depends on the wireless network.


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Installing the SIM Card in iPhone 4S

Micro SIM


Micro SIM

card tray

Paper clip

or SIM

eject tool

Install the SIM card: Insert the end of a small paper clip or SIM eject tool into the hole on the
SIM card tray. Pull out the SIM card tray and place the SIM card in the tray as shown. With the tray
aligned and the SIM card on top, carefully replace the tray.