iPhone - Managing reminders in List view

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Tap the reminder, then tap Show More. Tap List and choose a new list.
To create or edit lists, see “Managing reminders in List view” on page 110.

Delete a reminder

Tap the reminder, tap Show More, then tap Delete.

Edit a reminder

Tap the reminder, then tap its name.

Mark a reminder as completed

Tap the box next to the item, so that a checkmark appears.
Completed items are shown in the Completed list. See “Managing
completed reminders” on page 111.

Set the tone played for reminders

Go to Settings > Sound.

Use iCloud to keep Reminders
up-to-date on your iOS devices
and computers

Go to Settings > iCloud, then turn on Reminders. See “iCloud” on page 16.

Managing reminders in List view

Organizing reminders into lists makes it easy to keep your work, personal, and other to-dos
separate from each other. Reminders comes with one list for active reminders, plus a built-in list of
completed items. You can add other lists of your own.
Create a list: At the top of the screen, tap List, then tap . Tap Edit.

Quickly switch between lists

Swipe left or right across the screen.
You can also jump to a specific list. Tap

, then tap a list name.

View completed items

Swipe left across the screen until you reach the Completed list.

To change the order of lists

In List view, tap

, then tap Edit. Drag

next to a list to change the order.

You can’t move a list to a different account, and you can’t change the order
of reminders in a list.

Delete a list

In List view, tap

, then tap Edit. Tap

for each list you want to delete.

When you delete a list, all items in the list are also deleted.

Change the name of a list

In List view, tap

, then tap Edit. Tap the name you want to change, then

type a new name. Tap Done.

Set a default list for new reminders Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars, then under the Reminders

heading, tap Default List.

You can also create a reminder by speaking. See Chapter 4, “Siri,” on page 39.


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