iPhone - Responding to invitations

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Responding to invitations

If you have an iCloud, Microsoft Exchange account, or a supported CalDAV account, you can
receive and respond to meeting invitations from people in your organization. When you receive
an invitation, the meeting appears in your calendar with a dotted line around it. appears in the
lower-right corner of the screen.
Respond to an invitation: Tap an invitation in the calendar. Or tap to display the Event screen,
and then tap an invitation.

See information about the

Tap “invitation from.”

See other invitees

Tap Invitees. Tap a name to see that person’s contact information.

Add comments in reply

Tap Add Comments. Your comments are visible to the organizer, but not
to other attendees. Comments may not be available, depending on the
calendar service you’re using.

Set your availability

Tap Availability and select “busy” or “free.”